OLED/LED TVs or maybe 4K Projection  TV- which is best to buy?

OLED/LED TVs or maybe 4K Projection TV- which is best to buy?

Posted on 22/08/2022

There is nothing that can replace the feeling of a Big Screen! We all wait for Fridays to get the new movie release. That thrill and excitement to see that latest movie on these big screens make us eager to wait for every coming Friday. All those thrilling sequences from classic movies seen on big screens are still fresh in our minds.

Today with smartphones in our hands, it is easier to watch a new movie without booking or waiting for long cues to book movie tickets. But that thrill and excitement, we all enjoyed on the big screens cannot be recreated in modern smartphones. The problem is not your smartphones!

The problem is not knowing how perfectly you can watch movies just like sitting in front of big screens in your living rooms. No, we are not talking about bulky OLEDs/LEDs that you need to install in your home.

Instead, we say it's possible with Projectors!

Seriously Yes! We know you might be thinking that projectors are for office purposes or for carrying out some presentations. But the truth is Projectors are your new home theatres.

The feeling you love in watching the Big Screens can be brought to your home with the same big screens without buying LEDs/OLEDs TVs.

Why Projectors Instead of Televisions?


Huge Inched TVs and the stands supporting them occupies most of the space in a living room. This is not only the same for your room, it's the same for all. No one can avoid their favorite entertainment; be it movies, television series, ott platforms, and more.

But by upgrading to a Home Projector TV, the long complained absence of space will be forgone forever. Because the Projector Screens are installed on one face of the wall; thereby removing bulky furniture from your way. You can feel the sense of freedom. Even you might be surprised how spacious your living room is without them.

Projectors project your favorite content in 4K HD which can clearly replace your televisions. A projector screen set on the wall stays there unnoticed when you don’t use them. Adding to this, the screen also makes the best use of your wall.


Your favorite shows, movies, or sports may be spread around on different entertainment platforms. Sometimes you got to connect, plug in or use wires.

Why all those sacrifices when you can have a single projector that is compatible with different operating systems and media?

Just like your android phone, the new projectors in the market have an in-built android system. Don’t be sorry iPhone or Windows fans. You too can connect to the same projector without any time-consuming configuration.


Why do you call your phone or your watch a smartphone/smartwatch? Simple, because it takes care of you, entertain you, keeps track of your activities, and more.

So are your projectors! You can turn your projectors to be your fitness buddies, gaming systems, and more. Isn’t it better than OLEDs/LEDs?

Easy to Service

Remember the difficulty in moving OLEDs & LED TVs across your living room? So wouldn’t it be much more difficult if to service them. You need to call extra labour to get it done. Why not save that extra amount you give for labour & buy a Home Projector?

Service, repair or maintenance only happens to the projector which you can easily carry out by yourself. In daily life too its super easy to clean and maintain than being too careful to not make a scratch on your OLED/LED/LCD TVs.

The features differ for projectors according to your taste. If you are a movie lover, there are projectors that can instantly change any space of yours to a cozy movie theatre. If you are a game lover, you can find a projector that provides you with a premium gaming experience.

But there is one thing in common. You can save a huge amount of money as 4K Home Projectors are less costly than premium televisions. This savings also include servicing costs and maintenance time.

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