Do Business anywhere around the World with Video Conferencing Solutions!

Do Business anywhere around the World with Video Conferencing Solutions!

Posted on 12/07/2022

Any business irrespective of whichever industry has communication as an integral part of its role. Communication can be in 2 ways- internal communication within a business team and external communications which in turn leads to business income.

While internal communication can be less official, external communications need to be neat, trimmed, and up to a point as most of the external business communications turn out to be associates or customers of the business. Other businesses and associates value a business based on the quality of external communication. Therefore most businesses put out their best in making external communication impressive especially to their customers.

External communications can be crucial such as sales pitch meetings where an idea needs to be made convincing to the listeners. Over time, technology has blessed us with new ways to communicate and make information convincing to listeners. This has taken the form of wireframes, presentations, graphical data, and more. Sometimes, one has to switch from one form to another to present clearly.

Not only with the presentations, but travelling for such communications takes a lot of productive time of a business. This time is an unnecessary time that when saved can be used for many other business priorities. This is when the era of video conferencing came by!

How Video Conferencing became popular?

Although video conferencing applications like Skype have been common use, it is till 2020 that a majority of people switched over to video conferencing. And the reason is you can guess is COVID-19.

People have been stuck in their homes when the unexpected pandemic spread across the nation. Even though every one of us has waited for the pandemic to be over, it didn’t come to an end. It took longer than expected. So the majority of us have to sit in our homes and find ways to communicate. This is when video conferencing became popular; especially the use of Zoom application in studying as well as in working.

Can Video Conferencing help for business communications?

Yes to a greater extent, video conferencing helped in business communication. From daily team meetings to team activities, businesses used video conferencing as a major option to get the work done.

But there was a problem- How can you conduct video conference meetings where you have to share complex information?

Sharing screens is helpful, but if a big team is accessing your information from different places, you need something effective to involve them and make meetings interactive.

Bring in the Collaboration Products to make your business communications easier…

How KM Technology’s Collaboration Products can help in business communications?

With a history of taking care of office automation and audio-visual equipment for businesses in Kerala, KM Technologies have become a technology partner for innovation.

Collaboration Products were introduced as part of this innovation to help businesses communicate to other businesses and customers in their comfort. This covers everything from sending your audio and video clearly to receiving video and audio of your customer. Not only that, you can combine multiple presentations, video visuals, and more with collaboration products.

What all do you get in the Collaboration Products?

Here is the list of what you get-

  • PTZ Camera- helps your team & customers to see you and your actions clearly
  • USB Speakerphones- helps you to take your communication without letting any background noises and is also easy to plug-in
  • HD Visual Communication Device- helps in streaming your communication or presentation in high definition putting an impression to your audience
  • HD Audio Signal Processor- helps to maintain your voice clarity throughout the network even letting your audience hear your mannerisms
  • All in one Sound Bars- helps you to listen to your team & audience in detail so that there is no way you can miss their details
  • Interactive Panels- helps you to engage with your audience during presentations and can simultaneously switch to view multiple screens

Wondering a place where you can get all the above products, their installation, service and support? No need, you are in the right website. Go to Contact page or send us a whatsapp message to get started!

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